Learn To Drive

Getting to TAFE took 1.5 hours...
now it's 20 minutes by car!

After I got my licence
I got a real job - at last...

Now I can go out safely at night...
no more public transport.

Getting to TAFE took 1.5 hours... now it's 20 minutes by car!

After I got my licence I got a real job - at last...

Now I can go out safely at night... no more public transport.

Let’s face it – without a car, getting a real job is next to impossible and your social life is pretty limited.

Yes, there’s public transport but a car... offers so many opportunities.

If you have learning challenges,
we can guide you to get your learner’s permit, even if you can’t read very well.
Ultimately we want to ensure you drive the roads of Australia safely so we’ll help every step of the way.

The NDIS can help with funding and we’ll show you how.
Don’t worry if you don’t have funding yet - we can help with that too.


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Can people with learning disabilities learn to drive?


Can you get your Learner’s permit if you can’t read?

Yes. I WANT TO DRIVE’s Road Smart Road Laws Program offers video based learning with an experienced tutor. Also when you sit your Learner’s test assistance can be provided to have the questions read to you as they’re presented on the screen (advance bookings required).

I can easily pass the Learner's online test so I should be right...?

The online 32 question practice test in Victoria is from a library of 300 questions. Every time you do the online test the questions change but often repeat. The actual test is from a library of 3,000 questions. I WANT TO DRIVE'S Road Smart Road Law's video Program can help you get the job done.

What arrangements are made for disabled drivers taking their driving test?

Once you’ve passed your Learner’s you’ll need to be assessed by a Driver Assessor. The assessment involves an off-road and on-road test. The Assessor's recommendations will determine your next steps. For instance, they may or may not recommend that initially, you’re only allowed to drive a dual controlled car ie only with a driving instructor.

If I don’t have a physical disability (only a mild intellectual disability) do I need to declare it?

Yes. That’s the only way to to ensure you have road authority insurance. If your disability hasn’t been declared you may not have insurance and your licence could later be cancelled.

What’s the legal definition of a mild intellectual disability?

A diagnostic report is usually carried out by a psychologist before school entry. If you went to a specialist school then it’s most likely you’ve been diagnosed with an intellectual disability.

Can the NDIS provide funding to help get my licence?

The NDIS fund support requests that are related to a person’s disability. If you have goals that include employment and social and community participation then you have a legitimate request. As there are many reasons why people with a disability need additional assistance you'll need a report written by an appropriately experienced Driver Assessor to request what's appropriate for you, especially if you have an intellectual disability. I WANT TO DRIVE has the knowledge to help make this happen.

Are all Driver Assessors the same?

No. Some Assessors have much of their experience with people that have physical disabilities rather than with learning challenges. An experienced Assessor acts much like an advocate as they understand the process, including the NDIS support available for your disability type. We can help you understand the difference.

Are all driving instructors the same?

No. A Specialist Driving Instructor has experience assisting people, with a variety of disabilities, to learn or relearn how to drive. Teaching someone with learning challenges requires different training and experience than teaching someone that has lost the use of their legs. Without this specific experience learning to drive can be confusing, overwhelming and less likely to have a successful outcome. I WANT TO DRIVE will help you recruit an appropriately qualified instructor.